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I'm your weird art friend who gets a sparkle in her eye talking about stars and satellites. I write songs, paint, talk to people about science, and run a web development business.
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A little about me

Thanks for being here. For the last 6 years I've been living in Nashville, Tennessee writing songs for myself and my little community of internet friends. I've also fallen deeply in love with astronomy and spent 3 of those years working in a Planetarium, looking up at the stars every day. These days, I run a freelance web design and development business.

Mostly, I just love to learn and I love to feel (surprise, I'm an enneagram 2). In my experience, It feels like science and art are often separated. I believe that science and art belong in the same spaces, and together are our best bet for learning more about our world and each other.


My first love. Whatever happens to me, I always have music. I use songs to learn about myself and about the world. Practically, that means I have songs out there about everything from falling in love to dark matter.

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My dad brought home a telescope to our house in Los Angeles when I was 12 years old and I've been in love with him ever since (his name is Harvey). I love talking space, telescopes, NASA, and the moon with anybody who's willing to put up with me.

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KC Kat Creative

In 2020, I put my college web development minor to use building websites for small businesses, creatives, and agencies. Since then, I've designed and build websites for over 30 businesses and counting.

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I do a lot of things (obviously), but at the end of the day I mostly consider myself an artist. Whether that's through music or through storytelling or through design. However, I also do the traditional art thing too and wow I love doing it. My pieces have been featured in homes and coffee shops in Nashville and beyond.

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